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Due to the supplies and space required, glassblowing isn’t exactly a hobby you can start at home. Thankfully, PH Glass Studio LLC has everything you need. You can come to our glassblowing studio space in Casper, WY to access the right equipment & safe environment to refine your skills and enjoy the company of other artists.

Everything is set up and ready for those looking to make glass art. Don’t wait to visit our local glassblowing studio.

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Practice in a helpful environment

At our glassblowing studio, safety is our main priority. We have proper ventilation and strive to provide a relaxing and nurturing environment for our artists. We also supply all the necessary equipment to get creative, including:

Although we have everything you need, experienced glass blowers are welcome to bring their own tools and torches. Call us now at 307-441-1320 to learn more about our glassblowing studio space.

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