Discover An Exhilarating Art Form

Enroll in glassblowing classes in Casper, WY

Are you looking for a new creative outlet? You can't beat the meditative and inspiring glassblowing process. That's what PH Glass Studios LLC is all about! Our glassblowing instructor in Casper, WY will give you one-on-one instruction and work with you to lay a solid foundation for further glassblowing exploration.

4 reasons to choose PH Glass Studio

When trying to start a new art venture, the first few attempts are crucial to learning the essential skills and encouraging creativity. You'll feel safe and confident in our studio because:

We offer discounts to veterans | We have an instructor with over 10 years of experience
| We offer a unique education that's not available anywhere else in the area | We prioritize safety and want to give students a supportive environment to learn

As soon as you experience the exhilaration of creating a custom glass piece, you'll be back for more. Reach out to us today to enroll in glassblowing classes.

We have space for experienced blowers too!

Our studio is open to glassblowers of all skill levels. We provide high-quality supplies that'll help you put your skills to good use. Get in touch with our master blower today to find out the best times to come by. 18+ for glassblowing, minors (17 or younger) MUST have parent or guardian accompanying them.